Goldfield, Nevada, just south of Tonopah.

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GOLDFIELD, BOOMTOWN OF NEVADA, by Stanley Paher, 17 pages, 9 X 12", Nevada's greatest gold rush. This book is a summary with photos showing the crowds, the businesses and the ore. Maps show points of interest. $ 4.95

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Goldfield, the 20th Century's Biggest Gold Strike
Goldfield is on the main highway about 15 miles, south, from Tonopah,
on the best route from Reno to Las Vegas.
Visit for the "Goldfield Days" on July 29-30. Call (775) 485-6365

Scenes from Goldfield where wild burros roam. Click the graphics to enlarge them.

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Goldfield has some of the best old buildings of all the ghost towns in Nevada. Many people still reside here and have several thriving businesses. The Goldfield Hotel is one of the most famous old hotels in Nevada.

The abandoned Gold Field High School is the best (and only) example of early 20th century public schools in Nevada.

Memoirs of a Goldfield School Girl.

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