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Pioche, the Eastern Nevada Silver Center - - at the turn of the Century.

Silver & Tin Mine Headworks.

Pioche is on a main highway, in the middle-eastern, section of Nevada. The aerial cables, not visible in this picture, extended for over a half mile and carried ore in buckets to the smelter.

The Pioche Masonic Lodge. Near the center of town, off main street, which is a very active commercial district.

The Thompson Opera House, on Main Street, built in the 1870's.

Built high in a canyon, Pioche's Main Street is the only thoroughfare through town. ( You can see the grade the Opera House is built on.)

The mining camp's status symbol, their Opera House, spoke, to their social standing, and of the values, they wrested from the Earth.

The Mountain View Hotel.
From its verandas, the panorama of the distant dry lake, in the valley, is thousands of feet below

The Pioche Courthouse.
It's open for tours, to view artifacts, from the turn of the Century. It is called the Million Dollar Courthouse. It is a National Historical Site. Information provided by Cowboy George, proprietor of the Mtn. View Hotel, in Pioche.

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